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Join this world wide social experiment to see which famous people out there you look like or how much you look like your favorite celeb. Maybe you have an exact double somewhere in the world or even a long lost twin? Using this site you can find your celebrity doppel ganger in just a few clicks!

Find My Doppelganger uses innovative new software profiling the worlds famous faces and yours alike, matching you to the gliteratti, we are the world's first famous facial profiler. Using cutting edge facial recognition technology we take your photograph, spin it through our clever machine and then when we find your lookalike we present it to you, it only takes a few seconds!

Once you click register and join you will receive an almost instantaneous face match, both your closest celebrity look-a-like and your matched doppel ganger's, where ever they may be in the world - from the UK to Los Angeles to Shanghai!

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User 650389 Resembles the famous pop star James Blunt with a 69% facial match! James Blunt - Famous Pop Singer

69% Match to James Blunt - This user shares a lot of facial features with the famous singer! Who do you think your face will match most?

This Find-My-Doppelganger User matchs the celeb Kate Bosworth with 71% look-a-like score! Kate Bosworth - the famous celeb matched in this doppel ganger

71% look alike score to Kate Bosworth! - A fantastic match between this user and Kate Bosworth, she shares a good proportion of facial lines with this celebrity actress!

Just quickly upload your photo and we will find your list of closest celebrities face matchs Find out Which Famous Celebrity Has Your Face!

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