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Have you ever wondered if there are famous people out there who look like you or how much you look like your favorite celeb. Maybe you have an exact double somewhere in the world or even a long lost twin?

Well now there is a fun way to find out. We have started possibly the worlds first search engine for faces. Find My Doppelganger utilizes cutting edge facial image recognition technology (facial biometric formulas) pioneered by police forces and security services around the world to find the identity of individuals.

You upload your photo and we search the entire human race, including every actor, actress, model and musician for as many matches as we can. You will receive an instant result of either your nearest celebrity lookalike or your doppelganger’s where ever they may be in the world. The search will also recognise any other similar matches or doubles that you may have.

Please remember that the database is constantly growing along with the popularity of this site and as it does you will see much more accurate results. If you are a registered user you will receive an email every time you resemble or match a new user over 85%.

Also look out for links for the latest news and gossip on the rich and famous.

So what are you waiting for, Register your picture NOW to find your very own DOPPELGANGER!!!